About Expressive Photographics

Based in Santa Cruz, California, Expressive Photographics is a full-service photography studio, specializing in artfully captured Weddings and Events, Family Lifestyle Portraiture, and quality portraiture for individuals, and creative professionals. We serve clients, primarily in the Monterey and San Francisco Bay Areas, and are also available for assignments anywhere in the US. Expressive Photographics is known for the relaxed, authentic look of its portraiture and wedding photography, and also places strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. With a great deal of experience and expertise in location photography, we are equipped to handle anything from updating a professional headshot, outdoors or in the studio, to choreographing an outstanding group portrait of over a hundred people. We can be reached by phone at 831-687-9069, or please use our contact form by clicking here.

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Artist’s Statement:

I’ve been in love with photography most of my life… When I was eight, my parents gave me a Polaroid camera and instant print film, marking the start of a creative life-journey that continues to this day. I find myself creating images, not only for my amazing clients, but also to satisfy a deep personal love of the art form that is photography. There is a part of me that has always wanted to share the wonders of life, and beauty of it, with everyone. Photography has given me ways to do just that.

In the process of my work as a wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer, it’s the challenge and satisfaction of capturing fleeting moments that inspires me… Those moments overflowing with feeling and significance, in the lives of people I have the privilege of working with. I also love creating images to show you looking your best-ever. Photography is a powerful tool to document moments that are important, or simply beautiful, and I am thrilled to call this my job!

I am deeply grateful to the people who invite me to capture these important moments of their lives. If you’re also inspired by my work and style of image making, I would love to hear from you! You can reach me via the contact form, here on my website, or by calling 831-687-9069.

-Mark Stover,
Owner and Photographer