Wedding FAQs

Why should I select Expressive Photographics for the photography of my wedding?
Here’s the short answer: Select Expressive Photographics, if you want superior service, and gorgeous photographs that stand out above what you can get elsewhere… But there is much more to it than that. We realize there is a lot of competition out there in the world of wedding photography. It helps to look a little deeper, and see more than just the obvious differences of pricing and packages offered. Here at Expressive Photographics, you will always be able to count on the excellent photography and people skills of owner and lead photographer, Mark Stover, who has successfully photographed over 600 weddings, encompassing many religious traditions, and a wide range of venues, from the casual beach ceremony to the most elegant affairs. If you have not yet seen our wedding photography, please have a look at samples of amazing wedding images by clicking here. With advances in digital photographic equipment, we have seen a great number of amateur photographers who decide to try their hand at being “professional” wedding photographers. While you can certainly save some money on one of these newbie photographers, who will be happy to gain experience shooting your wedding, it may cost you dearly in other areas, as you end up stuck without the the quality of photography you were hoping for. Folks who select Expressive Photographics, often tell us that great photography is one of the most important aspects of their wedding, and we take that very seriously. We will always do everything in our power to meet and exceed your expectations for quality photography and great service. If you would like to hear directly from some of our past brides and grooms, just ask, and we will provide you with a list of referrals. We also provide our brides, grooms and their wedding guests with a complete range of options for quality wedding albums, digital photo files and other fine products and services, to make your wedding photography package a perfect match with your preferences.
What makes Expressive Photographics a better choice than those big nation-wide discount wedding studios?
We have heard from several couples who used some of those big national brand studios, and the common complaint echoed by most of them was that they felt like they were “Just a number” with the big studios, and that they never seemed to have the same person to go to for questions and problems that came up. They also did not like the fact they could not meet their photographer before their wedding. Rather than recite the whole list of complaints we’ve heard about those “big box” studios, consider some of the ways we are different: With Expressive Photographics, you always have the opportunity to meet Mark Stover, your lead photographer, before your wedding. In fact, you will probably visit with Mark during your initial consultation, as he does almost all of those meetings personally. Throughout the entire process, from Initial consultation through final delivery of your package, Mark will be available to you for any questions or special requests you may have. The websites of the giant nationwide studios show a few of the very best photos, taken by the very best photographers who ever worked for them, but you will most likely never have the chance to get those same photographers for your wedding. With Expressive Photographics, all the photos you see on our website were taken by Mark Stover – the same person who will photograph your wedding.
Do we get high resolution digital wedding photos with our package?
Yes. All our wedding packages include a full set of edited high resolution printable digital photos of your wedding, giving you the ability to make unlimited personal use of all your wedding photos. We also offer all our brides and grooms a complimentary Engagement Portrait Session, which does not include digital files.
What's included in your wedding packages?
The full list of what’s in each of our wedding photography plans varies. We will be more than happy to provide full details when we meet to discuss your unique wedding and vision for your Big Day. There are, however, specific things we include in ALL wedding photography packages: In addition to high resolution digital wedding photos on USB drive, all wedding packages include their very own private online photo gallery, for viewing sharing and ordering your photos. We also offer a Complimentary Engagement Photography Session(without hi-res digital photos on USB) to all our brides and grooms.
What types of wedding albums are available?
We offer some of the finest Flushmount and Press-Printed albums available anywhere. You really must see them yourself, to fully appreciate the quality, look and feel of these albums! A huge variety of colors and textures are available for the album covers, and the total number of pages can be low or high, depending on your preferences. If you have selected a wedding package that includes an album, you will have a wide range of options which are included.
Are upgrades for our wedding albums available?
Yes. Although many of our brides and grooms are totally happy with the many options included with our standard albums, some folks will want to select upgrades, such as additional pages in the album. Another popular upgrade is the acrylic photo covers, which are custom designed by us. The possibilities are many, so please feel free to request more information on this.
Will we have an opportunity to preview the design of our wedding album before it is printed?
Yes. The most important thing to us, is for you to be completely thrilled with your finished album. You will have the ability to preview your album design and request any changes, if desired, until you’re one hundred percent satisfied. Your album will only be printed once you have approved the design, ensuring that you will receive an amazing quality album, that you will enjoy for the rest of your lives.
How soon can we get our album?
The time required for designing your album may vary, depending on whether you request any changes to the first draft of the design. Once we have received your approval of the album design, most albums are ready for pickup or shipping within four to six weeks.
How many pictures will we get?
We do not limit the number of photos taken on any assignment. The actual number of finished images you will receive can vary widely, depending on many factors. When we have the opportunity to chat about the specifics of your particular event, we will be able to give a meaningful answer to this question. Please contact us directly to learn more.
Can you tell me more about your Complimentary Engagement Portrait Session?
Every wedding package we offer includes a very special complimentary Engagement Portrait Session. The Engagement Session is a fantastic confidence-builder for our brides and grooms, and also a great way to get to know your photographer better! We have found that doing the Complimentary Engagement Portrait Session, helps us do an even better job for you on the day of your wedding, because we are able to observe which types of poses and angles help you look your best, and will have received your input about your engagement portraits, and made further notes about your preferences of photographic style. This all helps us evolve our approach to the photography of the most amazing and happy day of your lives – your wedding. Digital photos from your engagement session are available for purchase, as a complete set or individually. Your session includes a set of complimentary photo cards, with your first names, wedding date and URL of your online photo gallery where folks will be able to see your wedding pictures. Some of our couples send the photo cards out in their thank you cards to all their wedding guests, while others present them on the actual wedding day.
How do we view and order our wedding pictures?
All weddings with Expressive Photographics include a complimentary online gallery, where you and anyone you share a link with may view, share, select favorites and order photos. Our wedding packages also include high resolution digital wedding images(Digital photos from complimentary Engagement Sessions not included) on DVD or USB drive, giving you the ability to make unlimited personal use of your photographs.
What about our Complimentary Engagement Portraits?How do we view and order these?
The photos from your Complimentary Engagement Session will also be posted to your very own online gallery, where you and anyone you share a link with may view, select favorites, share and place orders for prints, albums, digital files and more.
When will we see our wedding photos?
We are always thrilled to share the pictures we created at your wedding ASAP. Turnaround time for your online gallery varies, depending on our schedule of assignments and other factors, but in general your wedding gallery will be online within three to four weeks after the event. If you have a Facebook or Instagram account, please let us know, so we can share a few of the best shots with you even more quickly. We will often be able share a few teaser shots with you right away by email, if you like. If you have special timeline requirements, and need to request your gallery access more quickly than normal, we are always more than happy to accommodate special requests!
How do we receive our photos or albums?
We offer the option of free pick up of your orders at our Santa Cruz studio, or your items can be shipped for a nominal fee.
What's the difference between Editing, Culling and Optimizing the wedding photos?
Let me start by saying there is a range of completely different meanings being attributed to the term editing in particular. In the world of photojournalism, the term edit has traditionally been used for the process of selecting which images are to be kept and shown or published, and which images shall be omitted and never shown. In recent times, “edit” has been used by some to refer to the process of digital manipulation and enhancement. This has introduced plenty of confusion into the whole conversation we often have with folks, about the work we do! Whether you favor one meaning or the other is just fine with us, but we would like to be clear with people about what we mean by these terms. Here at Expressive Photographics, when we say “edit” or “editing” we are talking about the process of selecting which photos to keep and show to you. We also use the term “culling” for this. When we speak of “optimizing” images, we are referring to the process of making adjustments to exposure, contrast, color etc, to improve the look of the photos. We also sometimes speak of “enhancing” photos. Enhancing includes things like retouching to reduce or remove facial lines, or making more extreme adjustments to colors contrast etc, for artistic effect.
Will all of our digital wedding pictures be edited and optimized for best quality?
Yes, every single one.