Big Sur Wedding

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September 10, 2017

Big Sur has long been a favorite destination for me, for both work and leisure. I am always super stoked, when the opportunity to document a Big Sur wedding comes my way! The beauty of this place is the kind of thing that gets into my soul, making me feel more alive and in love with life. The natural beauty is legendary, and inspires the romantic in each of us. The best Big Sur wedding venues, embody a unique combination of rugged beauty and elegant style. This sweet ceremony and celebration, at the Big Sur River Inn, has an abundance of both! The beautiful floral creations were by the talented Kate Healey, of Big Sur Flowers

FYI – This Big Sur wedding took place in July, 2016, one day after the start of the devastating Soberanes Fire, just a few miles from the ceremony. The warm color and dreamy light were created, in part, by thick smoke from the wildfire.