Sand Rock Farm Wedding Photography

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December 12, 2017

This gallery of my Sand Rock Farm wedding photography is from the sweet nuptials of Josh and Itzel, who fell in love with the venue for its natural beauty and the warm hospitality of proprietors, Jennifer and Derek Hagglof. Sand Rock Farm is an absolutely lovely setting for the quintessential woodland wedding. Nestled among towering redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains, just a few miles from the Monterey Bay, this beautiful bed and breakfast inn is the home of one of Santa Cruz County’s finest forest wedding venues. The historic property is a former ranch and winery, dating back to the 1880’s. The former barrel room is now an open-air space for cocktail hour and other festivities and ceremonies are held in a majestic grove in the woods.

As for the wedding itself, this late Spring wedding day could not have been more beautiful, with perfect Coastal California weather and so many real moments of heartfelt love and emotion. The couple and their guests were an awesome bunch of people to work with and yet another reason why I love my job. I can barely wait for my next opportunity to come out and create more Sand Rock Farm wedding photography! [flo_instagram_follow label=”Expressive Photographics on Instagram” instagram_url=”” ]

001-sand-rock-farm-wedding-001002-sand-rock-farm-wedding-dress 003-bride-sand-rock-farm-wedding 004-sand-rock-farm-bride 005-sand-rock-farm-wedding-preparations 006-sand-rock-farm-bride-flower-girls 007-sand-rock-farm-bridesmaids 008-bride-sand-rock-farm-008 009-bride-sand-rock-farm-009

Bride in the gardens of Sand Rock Farm.
Groom and groomsmen at the pool table, Sand Rock Farm.

012-groom-sand-rock-farm-012 013-sand-rock-farm-wedding-prayer 014-sand-rock-farm-wedding-ceremony-014 015-sand-rock-farm-wedding-ceremony-015 016-sand-rock-farm-wedding-ceremony-016 017-sand-rock-farm-wedding-ceremony-017 018-sand-rock-farm-wedding-site-018 019-sand-rock-farm-wedding-venue-019 020-sand-rock-farm-wedding-ceremony-020 021-sand-rock-farm-wedding-ceremony-021 022-sand-rock-farm-wedding-ceremony-022 023-sand-rock-farm-wedding-kiss-023 024-sand-rock-farm-wedding-ceremony-024 025-sand-rock-farm-bride-groom-025 026-sand-rock-farm-bride-groom-026 027-sand-rock-farm-bride-groom-027 028-sand-rock-farm-bride-groom-028 029-sand-rock-farm-bride-groom 030-sand-rock-farm-wedding-details-030 031-sand-rock-farm-wedding-details-031 032-sand-rock-farm-wedding-details-032 033-sand-rock-farm-wedding-details-033 034-sand-rock-farm-wedding-decor-034 035-sand-rock-farm-wedding-decor-035 036-sand-rock-farm-wedding-details-036 037-sand-rock-farm-sweetheart-table-037 038-sand-rock-farm-sweetheart-table-038 039-sand-rock-farm-wedding-reception-039 040-sand-rock-farm-wedding-reception-040 041-sand-rock-farm-barrel-room-041 042-sand-rock-farm-bride-groom-042

Catering for this event was provided by Five Star Catering. Florals provided by Amanda Connors/Designs in Bloom. For a look at a wide-ranging collection of my other California wedding photography please click here. If you would like to learn more about Sand Rock Farm, I highly recommend reading this recent article on the Jennifer Ferland Blog, by clicking here.

Naomi Ehrich 14:31 June 12, 2018 Reply
Wow Mark, I am endlessly impressed by your photos. You have such a fantastic eye! And I LOVE this venue. One of my favorites locally. Plus they have such a great, warm and welcoming staff!
    Mark 17:10 June 13, 2018 Reply
    Thanks so much for your kind words, Naomi. Sand Rock Farm is definitely a local favorite of mine as well!