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Santa Cruz Engagement Photography – Alex and Jazmin’s Excellent Engagement Portraits, West Cliff Drive & Wilder Ranch State Park

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July 14, 2013

Santa Cruz Engagement Photography can be a little complicated… In a good way, of course! With all the amazingly beautiful portrait locations available in the Santa Cruz area, I sometimes have a challenge settling on just two locations for each of our Creative Santa Cruz Engagement Photography sessions. You see, we have so many incredible spots to choose from, it would be possible to spend whole days roaming around, up and down the coast, or to some magical spot among the towering redwoods, to capture the greatest variety of sweet and romantic moments with my inspired brides-and-grooms-to-be. But of course that’s usually not practical or wise, as it turns out. A better approach – and what we do for our clients, here at Expressive Photographics – is to select one or two special locations, allowing us to spend our time creating amazing visuals, rather than so much driving around between locations. After all, the sun goes down right on-time, without waiting for photo sessions to be finished up first!

This article is about the super-sweet Santa Cruz Engagement Portrait Session I recently did with Alex and Jazmin. Like lots of folks, they were a little shy of the camera at first, but we were soon having a blast being creative and I think they even forgot it was a photo session at times… which is a great thing to do when creating those magical captured moments. I hope you will enjoy this collection of a few favorites from their two-hour plus photo session!

The first location we visited was Wilder Ranch State Park, which is just North of town, on Coast Highway One. Wilder Ranch offers some very cool photo backdrops for a unique vintage or old-time look. We later traveled a short distance to Natural Bridges State Beach, for a few shots of Alex and Jazmin enjoying the beach at sunset. The final portraits were created as we walked along West Cliff Drive, still enjoying an amazing Santa Cruz summer sunset. If you loved this collection of Santa Cruz engagement photography, please leave a comment to let us know, and feel free to pin on Pinterest or share this article on Facebook. You can see even more photos from this session on the Expressive Photographics Google+ page, by clicking this link.

Santa Cruz engagement picture

Santa Cruz engagement photo

Santa Cruz engagement photo

Santa Cruz engagement photo

Wilder Ranch Engagement

Wilder Ranch photo

Beach Engagement Portrait

Beach Engagement Portrait

Engagement Picture, Santa Cruz

Sunset Portrait, Santa Cruz

Sunset portrait, Santa Cruz

Sunset Engagement Portrait

Sunset Colors Picture

Sunset engagement portrait